Dreamland Switzerland

Swiss Immigration – A Different Inside Story


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More than Chocolate and Cheese DVD cover with link to website

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Dreamland Switzerland is similar to the movie "More than Chocolate and Cheese" which you may know. It is aimed at tourists visiting Switzerland. It shows the diversity of Switzerlands scenic beauty and provides highlights of Swiss culture, history and tradition.With "Dreamland Switzerland" we hope to make know to people from abroad, who are living in Switzerland, the culture and values ​​of our country. People with an immigrant background tell their personal story. These illustrate how the integration of people from foreign countries into Swiss society has succeeded. The film aims to raise understanding for our core Swiss values. We show how these values ​​are rooted in Swiss society and what is the significance of the Christian faith. How will we together with Swiss immigrants shape our future in Switzerland?More than Chocolate and Cheese DVD cover